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Gladiator 2019

Congratulations to all of the Shasta Mock Trial competitors at Gladiator 2019. Shaina Dickie finished in 5th place finish, just one point shy of the semifinals and Ravi Patel finished in Honorable Mention. Shasta Mock Trial also sent four alternates: Ava Arsenault, Grace Sutter, Nettie Eagleman and Frankie Paulson, and Grace even competed as a witness in the semifinal round.

Nettie Eagleman, Frankie Paulson, Shaina Dickie, Ravi Patel, Ava Arsenault, Grace Sutter, left to right

Ravi Patel delivering closing argument

Shaina Dickie showing off her hardware!

Shaina Dickie and Ravi Patel

Ravi Patel, in his prisoner witness costume and Jacob Patel looking on

Seniors Drake Coy, Shaina Dickie, Jacob Patel and Ravi Patel on their last walk to competition for Shasta Mock Trial

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